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Maintaining The Vagina pH

Jan 4

The pH is not only found in the skin or water, but the vagina also has a pH that needs to be kept in balance. pH or commonly known as acid-base levels indicates vaginal health. If the pH of the vagina is not balanced, then bad bacteria have the potential to multiply in it and cause infection. This is why it is important to know how to keep the vaginal pH in balance.

Vaginal pH is directly related to the vaginal environment. If there are not enough of these good bacteria active in the Vagina, then bad bacteria such as Trichomonas vaginalis and Candida albicans can take over and cause Vaginal infections such as Vaginal yeast infection, Vaginal bacterial infection and Vaginal Trichomoniasis.

Cause of Vagina pH becomes Unbalanced

The Vagina pH becomes unbalanced because of the following:

- Diet; eating anything that can upset the Vagina

- Sexual intercourse with a new partner or multiple partners, using scented soap to wash intimate areas before having sex, having sex with a man who has been circumcised, practicing unprotected sex

- Vaginal infections such as Vaginal yeast infection, Vaginal bacterial infection and Vaginal Trichomoniasis

- The use of cleansing products that contain chemicals that can cause the Vagina pH to become unbalanced

The Vagina pH is estimated to be around 3.8. Vaginal pH is measured by a vagina testing kit. Vaginal pH take a very important role in maintaining vaginal health and preventing Vagital infections. Vaginal pH is not only unbalanced by the way women live their lives but also plays a vital role in vaginal health. The Vagina testing kit is an easy way for women to keep track of Vaginal pH levels and maintain Vaginal health by making simple changes in the diet, sexual life and cleansing routine. Maintaining Vaginal pH helps the Vagina to remain healthy and Vaginal friendly

Boric Vaginal Suppositories for Balancing Vaginal pH

There are 50 species of bacteria that live in the vagina. But don't worry, because most of these bacteria are good bacteria. Good bacteria actually function to protect the intimate organs from various kinds of infections while maintaining the pH balance of the vagina. When the intimate organs have normal pH or acid-base levels, this can protect you from infection.

Flower Power Boric Suppositories can increase the number of friendly bacteria Vagina quickly. Vaginal Flower Power Suppositories are very easy to use because it does not require insertion into Vagina, it is made from pure boric acid powder that is mixed with glycerin. The Flower Power Boric Vaginal Suppositories work Vaginally to get Vaginal pH into balance.