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Oct 6

The benefits and safety of receiving Houston chiropractic care while pregnant are hotly contested. While some argue it is risky for the mother and the unborn child, others assert it is safe and has numerous health advantages. The truth is that pregnancies and deliveries for mothers who receive chiropractic care are frequently less complicated.



Chiropractic is safe and advantageous during pregnancy, just as it is for children, adolescents, and adults. The unborn child is not at risk, and the pregnant woman gains significant advantages. Pregnant women can typically be treated by Houston chiropractors who have undergone the necessary training and education to be licensed and practice. Although some chiropractors have more experience because they specialize in treating expectant mothers, most are capable and knowledgeable.


Every pregnant woman knows the strain on her back, neck, hips, and knees. Even completing routine tasks becomes difficult because of how unevenly the weight is distributed, which can throw some areas off balance. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help reduce the additional strain on your spine during pregnancy and avoid nerve compression, resulting in pain, numbness, or tingling in your back, hips, legs, arms, or fingers. Regular adjustments may also help with any imbalances this might cause because your posture constantly changes as your belly expands.


There are other benefits to visiting the chiropractor while pregnant as well. If you experience carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist pain, regular adjustments and massages can help relieve some of that discomfort. Pregnant women are also more likely to suffer from sinus infections and headaches. Although misalignments cause not all headaches in the spine, some are. If you find that your headaches go away after an adjustment, likely, they were at least partially caused by subluxations.


Additionally, many pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. While there is no cure for this, many find relief after receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. This is likely because the adjustments help to clear any blockages in the nervous system that might be causing nausea.


One of the most significant advantages to receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy is that it may help you to have a shorter and less painful labour. This is likely because regular adjustments help keep your pelvis aligned, allowing your baby to descend into the birth canal more easily. Additionally, when your nervous system is functioning correctly, your body is better able to communicate with the uterus and tell it when to contract.



The frequency of your visits will likely depend on how far along you are in your pregnancy and how your body responds to the adjustments. Most pregnant women generally receive adjustments once a week during their second and third trimesters. However, as you get closer to your due date, your visits may become more frequent as your body prepares for labour.



When you visit the chiropractor, you can expect a similar experience to what you would have if you were not pregnant. The only difference is that the adjustments will be adapted to accommodate your growing belly. For example, your chiropractor may use pillows or other props to help you get into the correct position for the adjustment.


After your adjustment, you can expect relief from any pain or discomfort you are experiencing. You may also notice an increase in your energy levels and a decrease in stress. These are all normal reactions to chiropractic care during pregnancy.


If you are pregnant and looking for a safe and effective way to relieve pain, improve your health, and prepare for labour, Peak Potential Family Chiropractic - Houston Heights is here to help. We offer tailored chiropractic care plans to meet each of our pregnant patients' unique needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.